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At the South Dallas County Landfill, every attempt is made to keep the operation cost efficient and hours convenient for customers to utilize the facility. 

Gates are opened promptly at 7:00 a.m. to accommodate the commercial haulers and contractors. 

To be cost effective SDCLA closes at 3:00 PM Monday through Friday, but we are open EVERY SATURDAY from 7:00 AM to Noon (that does not fall on a recognized Holiday) to ensure that individual residents have ample opportunity to use the facility.

*Please plan accordingly to ensure you are UNLOADED & OUT of the facility by CLOSING TIME*


 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM  Monday through Friday                                                                                     7:00 AM to NOON every Saturday (except as noted below)



New Years Day * Memorial Day * July 4th * Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day * Christmas Day * Adel Sweet Corn Days                                                           

*** The 2nd Saturday in August is ADEL SWEET CORN DAYS.  We are CLOSED due to road closures through out the town ***




Adel Residential Garbage *                                            $ 30.00 per ton plus DNR fee
                Minimum charge (up to 500 lbs.)                    $   8.00 plus DNR fee

*Adel Residential Garbage consists of kitchen garbage from Adel Residents that their contracted provider would generally pick up. This DOES NOT INCLUDE remodeling debris, home/garage clean out debris or items. See below for pricing.         

Non-Adel Residential and Commercial Garbage            $44.00 per ton plus DNR fee
                Minimum charge (up to 500 lbs.)                     $12.00 plus DNR fee

Construction/Demolition material.                                   $44.00 per ton plus DNR fee
                Minimum charge (up to 500 lbs)                      $12.00 plus DNR fee

Recyclable materials:  Brush, Metal                                $44.00 per ton No DNR fee
                Minimum charge (up to 500 lbs.)                     $12.00 – no DNR fee

All Charges in ¼ ton increments   EXAMPLE:  0 - 500 lbs., 500 - 1000, 1001 - 1500, etc.

Current DNR fee of $3.65 per ton (rounded to nearest dollar) is collected on all residential, commercial and construction waste.

Recycleable materials such as brush, tree limbs, metal, tires, appliances, electronics and batteries are not subject to the DNR fee and are disposed of in separate locations at the landfill.



Appliances of all types:   Stoves, ovens, refrigerators, microwaves, washers, dryers, dish washers, furnaces, air conditioners, hot water heaters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, etc.  

$10.00 each  * ALL appliances must be free of ANY food prior to disposal.




Small = up to 24"                                                                 $10.00 each

Large = 24" or above, Console, Tube, Projection                $20.00 each       

Computer monitors (all sizes)                                           $10.00 each

Radios, VCR's, DVD’s, CPU’s, and small printers are accepted at no additional charge.   Large business size copiers by weight.                
Tires                                                       Size                                               Without rim

Car and pickup                                        up to 15”                                       $  2.00 each
Small implement & truck                         15”  to 235-16”                                  6.00 each
Full size truck & forklift                            245-16” & Up                                  10.00 each
Tractor tires                                             up to 24” wide                                 22.00 each

Tires with rims:  double the above price ^^^

Scraper, floater or liquid/foam filled tires are NOT ACCEPTED.  Call Liberty Tire Recycling at 515-262-4900 for disposal.


Car Batteries               Currently accepted at no charge (Drop off in the Scale House Office)


Unsecured Loads       $10.00 additional charge will be assessed. (See below for more information)

*Additional fees charged for wastes requiring special handling.  Call us at 515-993-3148 for information.



There are designated areas at the landfill where certain materials are to be placed.  In addition to the area for the regular trash, the South Dallas County Landfill has areas for the separation of metal, appliances, tires, electronics, and yardwaste.  Please load your items accordingly.  It will make unloading easier for you.

REFRIGERATORS/FREEZERS:  Appliances should be empty of food when they come for disposal.  However, occasionally a freezer may stop working and is full of spoiled food.  You must advise the Scale House. That appliance will be handled separately as it cannot sit out in the open with the other appliances.

BRUSH/LEAVES/LIMBS/TREES:   Leaves may be disposed of in paper bags, but if they are in plastic bags you will be required to dump them out.  You do not need to bundle brush or tree limbs and they may be any length.  SDCLA grinds the yardwaste to use as mulch and erosion control at the landfill site and is given away free of charge to anyone who wants to use it.  There may be a small loading charge if you wish us to load it for you. *PLEASE ENSURE NO GARBAGE, PLASTIC BAGS, and/or DEBRIS IS DUMPED INTO THE (BRUSH) PILE*

IF you have a (mixed load) that includes material that CANNOT be put through a grinder advise the Scale House prior to dumping and they will direct you accordingly.



At the South Dallas County Landfill, the term "SECURED" means loads must be secured in a manner that no debris in the load could have been lost along your route to the landfill. (Driving slowly does not qualify as secured nor does "living in town").  Whether that is a tarp, straps or some other method, you may not litter along the roadway. This is strictly enforced and fines will be handed out by the landfill, as well as, the Iowa DNR, DOT and Local Authorities.