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As a member of the SDCL, the City of Adel appoints representatives to the landfill board.  The City of Adel contracts with a waste hauler for collection of garbage, recycling and yardwaste for residents.  The City also contracts for recycling of cardboard and paper in the business district.


Appliances, TV's and Computer monitors require a sticker that may be purchased at City Hall.  The contract hauler will pick up the items from the curb at no additional charge.   


The South Dallas County Landfill and Metro Waste Authority have joined together for purposes of comprehensive planning.  While each landfill has its own service area, planning for the future of waste is an important part of the picture.

MWA and SDCL have an agreement whereby citizens and self-haulers may utilize the landfill that is most convienent for them.   So a person from Clive may bring their waste to South Dallas because it is closer than the MWA facility.



(RCC)  1-888-603-2739

The South Dallas County Landfill is a member of the Regional Collection Center (RCC) located in Bondurant.   The SDCL pays a per capita fee so that its citizens may dispose of their unwanted chemicals.  Businesses that qualify as a small quanity generator may dispose of their hazardous waste for a fee by contacting the facility.

The RCC provides a mobile "HHW Cleanup Crew" vehicle that comes to Adel, and other communities, to collect chemicals from citizens.  The Adel event is scheduled on the 3rd Saturday of April. 

The regional collection center also accepts electronics for recycling.  There is a fee for disposal.



Properly managing the 2.8 million tons per year of waste generated in Iowa is critical to protecting Iowa's land, water and air resources. To ensure environmental protection occurs, the IDNR regulates solid waste facilities such as landfills, which are usually managed by cities and counties. As part of reporting requirements, local governments must establish comprehensive plans that outline their solid waste management system, provide alternatives such as recycling and composting, and set waste reduction goals.

The DNR regulates the construction, operation and closure of facilities and projects that manage, process and dispose solid waste.


Iowa Society of Solid Waste Operations (ISOSWO) is the Iowa Chapter of Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA). Our members include public and private sector employees, along with consultants, engineers, planners, regulators, and local elected officials. 



1914 E Euclid Ave # A, Des Moines, IA 50313  Phone:(515) 262-4900


Liberty Tire picks up the tires that have been collected and takes them to their facility where they are processed.  Many of the tires are chopped into small pieces and used as drainage material.  In 2011, the South Dallas County Landfill used over 8,000 tons of these pieces as drainage media in a new cell.  Two (2) feet of the tire chips were placed on top of the liner at the bottom of the landfill.  This allows liquid, called leachate, to flow down to the collection pipes to be pumped to the sewage treatment plant.


5745 NE 17th St, Des Moines, IA 50313  Phone:(515) 263-3707


A-Tec Recycling can also handle recycling of  TV's, computers, computer monitors, printers and other electronics collected here at the landfill.  If you have a large volume of electronics, you may contact them directly 226-9990.


Ankeny Sanitation has contracted with the City of Adel, beginning July 1, 2016, for collection of garbage, single stream recycling and yardwaste.

Also as a part of the contract with the city, Ankeny Sanitation picks up "stickered" appliances, TV's and computer monitors at no additional charge for the City of Adel residential customers and provides for Spring Cleanup events in April for residents that take place in April of each year.