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Meeting Schedule

The South Dallas County Landfill Agency meets on the second Thursday of the month.

Location:     2000 Main St, Adel, Iowa
Time:          Thursday at 3:30 PM


The Agency holds its annual meeting in January of each year.   Watch for a notice of the next meeting in the Dallas County News and Adel Adviser or call the landfill office.

The HHW Day in Adel is usually from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon at the Kinnick Feller Park. The Adel Lions Club has volunteered to help with the event since it's inception in 1998.
Only residential Household Hazardous Waste will be accepted.  No commercial waste.

Mobile Household Hazardous Waste Collection events:



Iowa Department of Natural Resources -  www.iowadnr.gov

City of Adel - www.adeliowa.org

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South Dallas County Landfill received the 2021 Innovative Project Award from ISOSWO (Iowa Society of Solid Waste Operations) at the annual ISOSWO conference held on October 6th.  The award was for the Soil/Waste Exhumation, Soil Reclamation, Air Space Reclamation, and Subtitle D Compliant Cell Development of the SW Area.The current facility is land-locked with no development potential to the north, south, or east.  Expansion to the west is not currently an option.  In October of 2018, a life estimate placed remaining life of the facility at approximately 5 years.  The Landfill site was originally a brick quarry pit.  Much of the landfill has been filled with waste and soils required for operations must be purchased and hauled to the site at an additional cost.  Faced with these challenges, the Agency decided to investigate the SW Area to determine the condition of the old disposal area.  The SW area occupies 6.9 acres of the 68-acre site and began receiving waste during the late 1970’s.  The SW area fully complied with the regulations at the time and was closed in 1993.   Test pits discovered a final cover thickness ranging from 4 ft. to 12 ft. of soil with considerable quantities of soil placed between thin lifts of waste below the cap.

The Agency along with Turkle-Clark Environmental Consulting evaluated the advantages and disadvantages of excavating the SW area including the cost and staff time for the excavation and any equipment that might need purchased.  Seeing improvements to the environment and an increase in the life of the landfill, the Agency decided to proceed with the project.  After consultation with the Agency’s Engineer, HLW Engineering, IDNR approval was obtained to excavate the SW area.  Although solid waste exhumation has occurred at landfills in other states, this is believed to be the first major solid waste exhumation project in Iowa.  Staff had to experiment with various equipment to find the most efficient approach for the stages of the excavation.

The project has proven to be a positive benefit to the Agency, the City of Adel, and the environment.  The most significant community benefit is that the landfill life estimate incorporating the space gained by redeveloping the SW Area increases by almost 19 years.  The increase provides local residents and businesses a viable, cost-effective solid waste disposal solution. 

Waste exhumation in the SW Area is ongoing.  Waste removal has been completed in the initial portion of the excavation area and construction of the first portion of the Subtitle D composite-lined disposal cell utilizing a portion of the former SW Area is now underway.